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Why Tiger Cries?

Legends of Crying Tiger (Suea-Rong-Hai) เสือร้องไห้


Thai Translation: Suea = Tiger, Rong-Hai = Crying


“Crying Tiger” is the name of an exquisite Thai style grilled tender beef brisket with Jaew sauce (spicy, savory, tangy, aromatic, pungent sauce. Full of textures with flakes of dried chili and nubby bits of ground toasted rice. The dish originated from the rural northeastern part of Thailand (E-Sarn) and later became very popular all over the country.


There are several legends of how the dish got its name. One legend said a hungry tiger came out of the jungle and stole one of the villagers' cow. The tiger ate most parts of the cow and felt so full that it almost couldn’t eat anymore, left only the brisket. The tiger then tried to eat the brisket, it suddenly felt that this was an extraordinary part of meat which was tender and juicy, but it was too full to finish the meat. Then the tiger felt frustrated, sad, and started to cry.


Another theory said that fat marbles in beef brisket shared a similar look of tiger’s stripes. When the brisket was on hot grill, oil from these fat dripped from the meat down the grill which resembled the tears. Hence it seemed like the tiger was crying.
One slightly less convincing theory says the dipping sauce was so hot that it made a tiger cry.


Let the tiger cry in its own way while you enjoy this delicious grilled tender brisket steak with a Jaew sauce that goes perfectly well with it. Now serving at Crying Thaiger Malden, Massachusetts


114 Ferry st Malden MA 02148
Call 781-480-1243 for reservation or ordering take out

(Reservation accepted only on weekdays)


Public Parking Lot Across the Street


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